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Whole Antlers vs Split Antlers-2
Elk are not harmed for their antlers.
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Dog Bones

CST Antlers Elk Antler Dog Bones

Why give your dog an elk antler? Because they last! When sized correctly, they don’t splinter like animal bones. Our antlers are 100% natural. No chemicals, preservatives or plastic to worry about. And dogs love them! 

The marrow on the inside of the antler is what the dogs are chewing for. The antler slowly wears away as they chew. When the antler gets too small, please take it away so they don’t try to swallow it whole. See our guide on how to choose the right antler for your dog. 

Antlers are full of nutrients. They have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. However, our antlers are not for humans to chew. Antlers will benefit dogs because they contain: glucosamine, chondroitin, calcium, iron, manganese, potassium, zinc, copper, magnesium, phosphorous, and sodium. Glucosamine is a safe and natural way to help improve your dog’s joint function. See our Elk Antler Powder for more information. 

Did you know other animals like to chew on antlers too? Try an antler for your guinea pig, hamster, mouse, rat, squirrel, rabbit, turtle, or bird. 

1 young bull elk and 1 older bull elk with a large set of antlers
A male elk

Elk Antler Dog Bones Do Not Harm Elk

Elk naturally “shed” their antlers every year. They fall off in the spring and immediately start growing back. Once the antlers shed, or fall off, they are picked up off the ground. It does not hurt the animal to lose their antlers and they no longer need them. In fact, if we don’t pick them up other animals in the wild will enjoy them as a chew toy instead of your dog! Rabbits, mice and squirrels find them here in Wisconsin. From spring to fall in one year, all male elk grow a new set of antlers even bigger than the year before. Only male elk grow antlers. Genetics, age and diet influence the size of the elk’s antlers. 

Elk Antlers vs Deer Antlers

Elk antlers are similar to deer antlers because they both shed once a year. Deer antlers have less marrow than elk antlers. Dogs like to chew both, but most likely have a different flavor. When compared, most dogs prefer elk antlers. Elk are also larger animals than deer so their antlers grow larger in proportion. Thus, we can find bigger antlers from elk. Bigger dogs need bigger antlers. Compared side by side, a deer antler and an elk antler of similar size, a deer antler will be harder because there is less marrow. Deer antlers are nearly entirely calcified.


If you have a very aggressive chewer, who is less than 45lbs, you may try a deer antler. For our Deer Antler Dog Bones, we don’t offer “split” and we only have smaller sizes available online. Occasionally we will have larger sizes or whole deer sheds available in store or at any of our events. Please contact us if you are not local but still interested in our current inventory.

Deer Antlers
Inside our store at Christmas. A large table of antlers with a Christmas tree off in the back corner.
Our Farm

Our Farm

CST Antlers is a family business located in Walworth, Wisconsin that sells elk antler dog bones wholesale and retail throughout the United States. We also raise elk on our farm! You may have visited CST Antlers Store at our Christmas tree farm, Country Side Trees, or seen us at one of many pet expos, fairs, markets, or events. You can buy our antlers online too! 
See our events page for more details on when and where to find us. We travel all over the midwest! Our store hours change with the seasons. The best way to stay up to date on hours and events is to sign up to receive our monthly emails (at the bottom of this page).


Choosing an Elk Antler

Whole Antler:
For dogs described the following: aggressive chewer, tough chewer, heavy chewer, likes to chew then a “whole” elk antler is for you! Dogs that commonly get whole antlers: German Shepherds  labs, golden retrievers, mastiffs, boxers, pitbulls, any mixes of the above and more! It is more challenging for them to get to the marrow because it is only exposed on the ends of the antler.

Split Antler
For dogs described as: average chewer, puppy, older dog choose a split antler. They still chew for the marrow and the nutrients. Split antlers make it easier to get to the marrow for less aggressive chewers. They make more progress and it will hold their attention longer. Split antlers won’t last as long for heavy chewers. 

Use the chart below to find a starting point for which size antler you should get for your dog, based on your dog’s weight. Bigger dogs need bigger antlers. The bigger than antler, the sturdier so it doesn’t splinter. Don’t give a 100lb dog a small antler “just as a treat”. Choose a split antler instead of whole. Easy access to the marrow is the treat!

Antler Size Chart by Dog's Weight
Small Antlers are for dogs weighing 0-10lbs
Medium Antlers are for dogs weighing 15-30lbs
Large Antlers are for dogs weighing 30-45lbs
Extra large antlers are for dogs weighing 45-60lbs
Super Jumbo antlers are for dogs weighing 60-75lbs
Monster Antlers are for dogs over 75lbs

Please contact us for even larger sizes or if you have questions choosing an antler. Remember this is just a recommendation for a starting point. As your dog tries antlers you may have to change sizes or go from split to whole. 


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