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CST Antlers LLC is a family run business in Walworth, Wisconsin. Our main products are elk and deer antlers used for dog bones. We raise elk as well as run a cut your own Christmas tree farm. We attend markets and pet expos and operate a retail store located on our tree farm. Antlers are also available for wholesale. 

All natural Antler Dog Bones are sheds from elk and deer. Every spring the elk and deer shed their antlers and begin growing a new set. The elk and deer are never harmed in this natural process. Antlers are odorless and mess free. Antlers, when sized correctly, do not splinter, which makes them a safer chew. Antler Dog Bones are long-lasting, tasty and safe for your dog. Customers have reported antlers lasting up to 6 months or more! They are a great source of glucosamine, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and manganese. All natural antler has not been chemically treated in anyway. They contain no preservatives or by-products. 

See FAQ page for answers to common antler questions. 

Spring through fall we have a Lure Course for Dogs outside our store. A great way to get your dog's energy out and save yours! One dog enters at a time and we tailor the run based on your dog's ability. 

We have a store located on our 70 acre Christmas Tree Farm, Country Side Trees. We allow dogs in the store January through October, but not during our November-December Christmas season. Dogs are allowed outside at the farm as long as they are on a physical leash at all times. You can walk through our Christmas tree fields when we're open anytime of year. Our hours change seasonally, so check our events page before planning your trip.

Our Christmas tree farm has cut your own evergreens, fresh cut trees, fresh wreaths, garland, bundles of boughs, a gift shop with holiday items, our antler dog bones and more!

Information about Country Side Trees Christmas Season:


Come visit our farm or see us at one of our events and introduce yourself! We love getting pictures of your dogs with their antlers too. And we sure would love to meet them!


CST Antlers Family Business

Photo by Kristina Lorraine Photography

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