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Is it okay if my antler changes color?

Yes! It is okay if the antler changes color.

When the marrow gets wet, it typically changes to a darker color. The marrow is the porous inside of the antler. This is normal and nothing to worry about. The color can change from your dog's saliva when chewing or if it gets wet from the rain outside. 

Since we are talking about antlers getting wet, we do not advise boiling or washing your Antler Dog Bones. Do not put broth, peanut butter or any food on your antler as it could cause mold or bacteria growth. 

The outside of the antler often lightens as the dog chews. The outside color of the antlers is stained from the elk rubbing their antlers on trees, brush, dirt etc. As the dog chews, they can wear off the staining revealing the white antler underneath.

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