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Big Antlers for Big Dogs

Monster Split Elk Antler pictured with a Long Split Elk Antler to show the size difference. 4 inches plus

CST Antlers' Long Antler Dog Bones are perfect for your big dog!


Newfoundlands, Mastiffs, Great Danes, Bernese Mountain Dogs, German Shepherds, Labs, Dogs over 100 lbs, any dog that needs a bigger antler to hold on to or last longer!

When you buy an antler for your dog, you want it to be big enough for the dog to hold it in its paws and chew on the end. When the antler is too small for that, you want to take it away. Our Long Elk Antlers give bigger dogs more to hold onto. And they will last longer for any dog!


These antlers all measure greater than 13 inches long. Each item is individually listed with pictures and details of the item that will ship. Available in whole and split. New antlers added monthly to our online store. Available in our retail store and most events we attend too!


Shop online for available Long Elk Antlers here.

This video above shows 2 Newfies (Newfoundlands) enjoying our Long "Split" Elk Antlers. 

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