Split vs Flat Antler Dog Bones

Flat Moose Antler Dog Bones - Good for lazy to average chewers who do well with Split Elk Antlers. An easy chew.

Split Elk Antler Dog Bones - Good for lazy to average chewers as well as puppies and senior dogs. This type of antler has most surface area of exposed marrow. 

There is a different taste to the antlers since the marrow is slightly different. There is a new challenge because the dog will have to chew the antler differently to get to the marrow. Going back and forth between ordering Split Elk and Flat Moose can keep your dog on their toes. Who doesn't love to mix up their treats??

If your dog hasn't tried antlers before and they meet the description above, we recommend starting with the Split Elk Antler first. Choose size based on dog's weight. See chart below. 

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Or to keep it simple. Only Elk Antlers are here or only Moose Antlers here.

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